Custom Order or Buy off the Lot?

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Trims

Buying a new Buick/GMC off the lot is the more traditional way for Crestview to get their new upgrade, but with the changing times and inventory shortages, custom orders may become the more popular method of getting a new car. At Buick GMC Fort Walton Beach, we’ll walk you through how to custom order your new Buick/GMC, so you can get everything you need and avoid getting the things you don’t need. Custom order your new Buick/GMC at Buick GMC Fort Walton Beach, and when it arrives at our dealership, we’ll have it ready to go, so you can hit the road with it as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Custom Ordering Your New Buick/GMC

For years, customers have visited our dealership near Navarre to explore our inventory and take the model they want for a test drive to see how it feels behind the wheel before they buy from the lot. Understandably, this is an attractive option as it allows you to see the vehicle in person and get a feel for how it handles and drives before buying. But, with inventory shortages and other factors, custom ordering your new Buick/GMC offers advantages you won’t find with buying off the lot, including: 

  • You can drive off the lot as soon as your vehicle arrives at our dealership.
  • You won’t have to pay for any unnecessary features and additions.
  • You’ll be able to customize your ride just the way you want it and get it straight from the manufacturer.  
  • You’ll have our staff at your side, ready to help you get the packages and other additions you need for your new Buick/GMC. 

Custom Ordering Your New Buick/GMC Step by Step

Once you decide to custom order a new Buick/GMC that’s just right for your Destin commute, just follow these steps:  

  • Select Your New Buick/GMC: In our factory order list, choose the Buick or GMC model you want. Then, hit the “Custom Order” button to continue with the custom order process. 
  • Customize Your New Buick/GMC: Choose all of the details and features that you want for your new Buick/GMC. Once you’re finished, one of our team members will go over all of the details and requests to make sure that everything is just the way you want it. 
  • Schedule Your Pick-Up Date: Once you schedule a pick-up date, we’ll contact you when your vehicle arrives. Once it’s shipped to us, all you have to do is pick it up, grab the keys, and drive off into the sunset.  

Have any other questions about the custom order process? Visit our finance center at Buick GMC Fort Walton Beach to get all of your questions answered quickly and professionally.  

Learn More About Custom Orders at Buick GMC Fort Walton Beach

Now that you know how to custom order a new Buick/GMC, the only thing left to do is visit us in Fort Walton Beach or online to start your very own custom order. Contact us today to get started.